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Gas Station   February 15, 2018

"I had great experience with the AMSSI! They have best services, very attentive to customers concerned and good quality products."

Tane Japanese Restaurant    May 24, 2017

"Thank you AMSSI Security System! Even though I'm at home, I can still monitor my staffs."

Relampagos Residence     July 16, 2017

"I fully appreciated my experience with AMSSI Security Systems from start to finish. Response from their admin was fast and smooth. Everything was thoroughly laid out for me. Whenever I had questions, they made the best effort to fully address them. They are very flexible with scheduling and even took the initiative to follow me up. Their staff are very courteous and professional. The installation process was a breeze. Their camera resolution is superb. I have never felt so safe at home as well as when I am away during my frequent travels as their remote viewing app allows excellent 24/7 surveillance of my whole property. They even have an alarm monitoring system that can detect any suspicious movement in the vicinity and notify you of this through text or email. Once a verified unwanted event takes place, their company can immediately dispatch the police to your residence. I say, what good is technology if we don't exploit it. Anyone who is looking into making their home extra secure and taking the extra measure to protect their loved ones, I highly recommend them to you. More power to your company! You guys definitely deserve the 5 stars."

Alberca Residence     July 16, 2017

"The products have great quality, Installation was fast and neat. Very amazing service and very accommodating staffs."

Duran Residence     Nov. 11, 2016

"Good quality products. Great Monitoring service & very accommodating. Highly recommended!"

Bryan Residence     Feb. 6, 2017

"I can fully assure of it's quality and after sales service. :D"

Go Residence     Feb. 5, 2017

"Installation was fast and neat. Great resolution cameras. The alarm system is very helpful especially when leaving the house. I feel safe and secure. They are very accommodating. Response and support in the page is very quick."

Sha Residence     Feb. 5, 2017

"Trusted quality cameras. And you can assure that you're more secure and safe with AMSSI. The outcome is worth the money you pay!"

Matabat Residence     Oct.. 2, 2016

"Good quality and security products....."

Fortich Residence     Mar. 11, 2016

"We had AMSSI - advance monitoring & security systems, inc. Installed in our home for  7-years ago. The service we have received has been excellent."

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